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Baby Shower Guide

As Baby Showers are becoming very popular in the UK to celebrate the coming of a new life, here at Baby Shower Host we are always looking to give you greater choice to make each party you may have or attend unique. We have already helped several 1000's of customers to throw a fun and memorable babyshowers.

Below we have summarised the main points to consider when throwing a Shower Party
In summary for all first time Baby Shower Hosts:

  • Baby Shower Invitations: Send about a month before the party is due
  • Baby Shower partyware with over 40 themes to choose from, there is something for everyone once you know the exact numbers attending buy your partyware items such as Napkins plates or why not opt for a cost saving Party express packs
  • Baby Showers Decorations can include everything from Baby Shower balloons to banners and centerpieces and of course our very popular Mum To Be Sash and candles
  • Baby Shower Games are very popular around 3-4 games is plenty we have a great variety to ensure your party is fun and memorable.
  • Baby Shower Gifts are a lovely gesture that guests will bring to help in the early days of what is a very expensive next 18-20 years and more in some cases! With so much on the market some of our customers favourite gifts have been the Nappy Cakes they a great talking point, make a great centerpiece plus all the gifts that go into Nappy Cake are ideal starter baby gifts for the parents.
  • Baby Shower favours what better way to say thank you to all the guests by giving them a small Baby Shower gift at the end of the party, once food has been enjoyed and Mum To Be has opened her gifts

With all the planning already in place this Baby Shower guide will help you through the preparation with ease every step of the way. To help you along we now have a free Baby Shower downloads some of our useful resources to help you plan.

Together we enjoy selecting only the best party ware so you and your guests can enjoy a day to be remembered.

If there is anything that you would like us to tailor make to your needs please let us know and we will happily put a package togeather for you..

We trust you will have a great party.

No host should be without Baby Shower Host

Enjoy your party!

Below are some useful ideas for your Baby Shower:


Decorations can be simple or flambount it really depends on your budget and type of shower. Here are some ideas. If you have had a shower and used other ideas please let us know, so we can post them on the site, for others to enjoy.

Stuffed Animals Or Baby items

Fill a basket or a pram with stuffed bears, animals etc. and put more stuffed animals around the room. Or set up a baby bath on your table and fill with small baby items such as teething rings, dummy, rattles, and bottles etc.


Gather a bouquet of pink and blue balloons and tie them with pink and blue ribbons. Either attach these to a chair and place around the room.


Place a small umbrella and hang it upside down over the table or where the mum to be will sit to open gifts. Fill it with balloons and let ribbons or streamers hang over the edges and any other items appriopriate.


Softly play music of lullaby's or children's songs.

Wooden Blocks

Use the blocks to spell out Baby Shower or the theme or name of baby girl or simply whether they know it is a girl or boy.

Setting the Mood

Add scented candles or aromatherapy oils to soften the room with relaxing scents such as lavender.

Baby Clothes

Tie a ribbon either pink, blue or neutral colour if sex of the baby is not known. Place this ribbon across the room and then place baby clothes that mum to be can kept after the party, or use other variations.


Like any party the Baby Shower will want a theme just to add that element of fun to it. Below we have put together some great ideas for themes; you can use these or adapt something similar.

Noahs Ark

Having Twins then try Noahs Ark

You simply just have 2 of everything. Have 2 teddy bears 2 ducks 2 Nappy cakes.

Nappy Theme

You can ask each guest to bring a particular size nappy pack so the parents have all the sizes. Others can bring nappy acessories like nappy cream, pins, wipes etc.

Order the nappy cake as the center piece it also doubles up as a gift. Everyone can contribute to this. Have nappies hanging of a clothes line across the room made from ribbon. Each nappy can be pinned to the ribbon clothes line.

Is it a Boy? Is It a Girl?

Well simply opt for every thing boyish and blue. All boys toys boats train etc will make a great baby shower. You can float a few of the boats in a punch bowl. A great game to play is to put dummies into a large tub of water and getting everyone to get out as many dummies as possible.

If it is a girl do the same again but this time opt for pink and girls toys.

Nursery Rhyme

You can have here putting together items and make it a game in itself. Get the guests to guess the nursery rhyme you are imitating. Also you can have nursery rhymes playing in the background.

Jack and Jill

Get 2 stuffed dolls and put them up against a small tin bucket. In the bucket hold your spoons for eating so it is a practical suggestion.

Little Miss Muffet

Have a stuffed doll with a bowl of cottage cheese and a toy spider around the bowl.

Menu: Cake marked with a "B", Hot Cross Buns, Cottage Cheese. For drinks I just used a fun color of Kool-Aid.

Sugar and Spice

Have a nice pink box filled with sugar and spices such as cinnamom etc Have a blue box with toy spiders snakes etc.

Humpty Dumpty

Boil an egg and "dressed" it like Humpty Dumpty and sit it on the table perhaps make a wall out of lego!
Games to play
finish that rhyme
Word search
Nursery rhyme quiz

The Orgin of Baby Shower

There are several different theories surrounding the origin of baby showers, but there really is no way of determining exactly when or where the baby shower originated. Some experts believe that baby showers, or the celebration of birth started in ancient cultures. This is evidenced by some data that has been found dating back to the ancient Roman and Egyptian times. However, where they did originate doesn't really matter. What matters is that baby showers are a special event where people gather to celebrate a new life about to enter the world. Read More About Origin of Baby Showers.

Looking back at baby showers from a long time ago, the gifts that were given to the family were handmade, such as clothing, blankets and perhaps even some food items might have been given as gifts. In the early days, baby showers were normally given after the birth of the child when the baby was introduced to family and friends.

The modern day version of the baby showers began after WWII, and, for years, only the women were sent baby shower invitations to celebrate the approaching birth of a new baby. Nowadays, baby showers often include the father and other male members of the family and friends. These types of showers are often referred to as a couples baby showers or co-ed baby showers. Moreover, the baby shower was sometimes referred to as a welcome home baby shower, as the baby shower would have occurred after the baby was born and brought home. And, there are sprinkle baby showers for 2nd, 3rd and other children.

However, with the development of technology as it stands, Mum-to-Be can usually find out the sex of their child, which makes planning for a baby shower easier. If the Mom-to-Be have a large family and lots of friends, or just know that different people want to host a baby shower for them, then a regular baby shower can be thrown with possible another baby showers held afterwards, such as at the workplace.

With the development of baby showers, there has also been an evolution of the way to announce a shower party. Specifically, the personalized baby shower invitations can be theme-based or as elaborate or frilly as the hostess wants it to be. There are also baby shower announcements and baby shower cards that can be done instead of baby shower invitations.

Baby showers have evolved even more particularly when the new parents have adopted their baby, or they are having twins. Adoption baby showers and twins baby showers are specific themes and can be geared more towards the situation of the new parents rather than just having a generic baby shower. If this is the couples, second or third baby, known as sprinkle baby showers, are normally given.

Regardless of the kind of baby shower party given, having baby shower announcements or baby shower cards for the theme or type of shower party will set the tone for the shower. Additionally, custom baby shower thank you cards can be purchased to match the imprinted baby shower invitations.

The history of baby showers and the baby shower party has definitely evolved over time, making the baby shower of today a unique experience for the Mum-to-Be. Even if the sex of the baby is not known, the trend has been towards more unisex-type items so the host or guests cannot go wrong.

Bear Necessities

The purpose of the shower is to bring the basic necessities for mum to be. i.e.: nappies burp cloths, shampoo, baby powder, dummy etc... Put teddy bears around the room and have a teddy bear themed cake For prizes give out household necessities like tea towels soaps, baby oil, cotton buds.

Baby needs a name

If the parents have not though of a name then why not have a lot of the alphabet wooden blocks around. You can play the following games a-z baby name race, baby names meaning, parents name game.

Outdoor Shower

Why not have an outdoor shower in the summer. Have the items that a baby would use out doors. Have a buggy car seat and you can place the gift items in their as well as out door baby clothing. Some games to play are My water has broken.

Rubber Ducky

Rubber Ducks are easy to come by so this is an excellent suggestion Build the theme on ducks, bath toys and bath accessorised like baby shampoo etc.


Float a few duck in a glass bowl filled with water A drop of blue food colouring to give an extra colour depth. Attach a few balloons for height. Surround the base with yellow curling ribbon.

Around the room put some meshed bath bags with bath toys. Put blue and yellow balloons around the room.

Have a bath tub with confetti and a few pieces of gift wrap in here you can place all the gift items people bring before mum sits down and open the presents.

As favours give soap in Organza bags or why not give natural sponge and soap.

Prizes for games - wrap in yellow and orange tissue. Fill wash tub with round light blue balloons (blown up very small to look like bubbles). Arrange gifts on the "bubbles." Put yellow curling riboon. Keep the bath theme for prizes- pretty soaps, bath beads, hand towels, etc.

Play bobbing ducks as a party game

Old MacDonalds Farm

Have Wicker baskets full of food. Straw have checkered table linen and have a few toy farm yard animals around especially little baby ones.

You can play animal pairs

Baby Clothes

Have a clothes line made of ribbon across the room. Hang baby clothes on it. Maybe ask each guest to bring a particular item of clothing that can be hung on the washing line.

Child's Library

Invite each guest to bring a children's book or series of books that meant a lot to them in their own childhood or while raising their children. It provides the new mother with a ready-made library, and is especially nice when you are having the shower before knowing the sex of the baby.

Time of Day Shower

Each guest is to bring a gift corresponding to a specific "time" in baby's day, for example, waking up time, bath time, mealtime, play time, bedtime, etc.

Basket Shower

Each guest has a theme for her gift basket. It's fun to see what everybody comes up with, and of course the basket should be part of the gift! (Guests could use baby bathtubs, toy bins, or even little laundry hampers for baskets -- be creative!) Some ideas for themes include meal/nursing basket, a nursery basket, bath basket, diaper basket, and toy basket. We're sure you can come up with even more.